Fluxtaposed Beer Exchange Information


What should I send?

Typically you should send about 6 beers. You can send more if you'd like, but expect 6 beers.

How much should I spend?

To a certain extent, that is up to each person.

You should be spending ~$15-$25 on the beer itself, minus the cost of shipping. Most beer is about $2-$3.50 per bottle, but this will leave room for those $4-5$ beers as well. 

If you want to spend more than that, feel free, just know that it is only required that you spend $15-$25.

How do I package and send beer to my partner?


This page will show you everything you need to know about shipping beer. DO NOT USE USPS, IT IS ILLEGAL TO SEND BEER THROUGH USPS.

The packaging should be reusable, meaning you should be able to keep the box you received and use it to send your next partner their beer.

What about 22 oz bottles (deuces, bombers, etc.) of beer?

These will count as 2 beers. Typically they are more expensive, so I don't imagine we will send many of these out, but if you do you can count them towards your beer total.