Fluxtaposed Beer Exchange

Welcome to the fluxtaposed beer exchange!

Welcome to the Fluxtaposed Beer Exchange! You are about to become a member of a secret and elite club of beer connoisseurs that wish to spread the joy of their local favorites far and wide. Fill out the form below to enter your information into the beer exchange pool. 

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I understand that the beer I receive may or may not match up entirely with my expectations due to human error and/or other factors. Beer types are subject to availability, the more specific I am, the less likely I am to receive the beer I'd like. I understand that the Fluxtaposed Beer Exchange is for fun. I agree that Fluxtaposed is not liable or responsible for any negative ramifications from participating in the Fluxtaposed Beer Exchange. I understand that I have a responsibility to send beer to the person I was matched with, that there are spending maximums that I am not obligated to exceed (though I can if I want, with no expectation for my partner to do the same) and that I must send the beer by a specific date that will be decided upon during each round of the beer exchange. If I fail to send out my beer, I may be kicked out of the beer exchange. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that all beer I send is well packaged so that it may arrive undamaged to my beer bud, and in the event that a beer does break, it is my responsibility to make reparations.