Fluxtaposed is now a Humble Partner!

Fluxtaposed Humble Partner.jpg

Fluxtaposed is proud to announce that the show is now what's known as a Humble Partner! What does that mean for you, our dear listeners? By purchasing Humble Monthly, bundles, or games in the shop, you can support your favorite (we don't have to be your favorite but it helps) podcast, Fluxtaposed, by using our affiliate links for purchasing said bundles and monthly subscriptions.

For the sake of pure transparency, how that works is when you buy something through our links we become a "slider" in which you can choose how much to give to Fluxtaposed, just like you do for Humble Bundle, developers, and charities. For Humble Bundles you get to use that slider to choose how much of your money goes into each of those aforementioned categories, however, for monthly subscriptions we receive $10 for each new subscriber, and through the humble shop we get a specific percentage of sales depending on what you’re buying.

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If you'd like to support us by purchasing a bundle, be sure to click on the arrow that says "Choose where your money goes" during payment / checkout. We appreciate any coins you throw our way! If you see a blue banner at the top of the Humble Bundle page, you’re doing it right!

In conclusion, after talking about Humble Bundle so much on the show, it seemed only fitting that Fluxtaposed elected to become a Humble Partner in a bid to create revenue to help support and better the show. However, we gain nothing through this partnership without your generosity, so if you plan to purchase a bundle now, or in the future, we would be oh so happy if you used our links to make those purchases, get the stuff you want, and support us along the way!

We will do our best to keep you updated on new and interesting bundles and games available through Humble Bundle here on the website and in the #humbley-bumbley channel on our Discord.