Episode 50 - Rated M for Mature



We've got another MONSTER episode this week.  We will be back down to mortal size next time.  We promise!

We are joined by Michael McDonald this week for a little discussion on mature content in games.  I know I know, THAT GUY AGAIN?  But trust me, it's ok.  We are also debuting a brand new way to enjoy "Battle of the Beer".  Our YouTube channel!  Seriously, go check it out, and thank you so much if you do!

There is no news this week but we still have Overclocked Remix and Netflixation to carry the torch.  Automata was the film selected, how will it stack up?  We are getting closer and closer to a whole years worth of episodes.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump into this episode of Fluxtaposed!