10 Cloverfield Lane

Episode 154 - #BUTTS



In #BUTTS, Lucas shares a story about Isaac. Then Jason and Lucas spend the rest of the show talking about their Whatchuplayin's. Mostly Lucas. He's sorry. We also learn never to look up the hashtag butts.

Episode 125 - Man Card

Episode 125.jpg


Alright folks, it's time to prove your manliness (or womanliness)! That's right, only a feat of great strength and fortitude will earn you the right to carry your very own man card. Listen to Fluxtaposed episode 125 and you'll go through a grueling test that includes such obstacles as In Real Life, Whatchuplayin'?, News of the Week, and Community Grab Bag. Complete this test and you too can carry around a laminated piece of pure testosterone. Join the club, brah.