A Link Between Worlds

Episode 106 - Uncivil War



Get your weekly recommended serving of Fluxtaposed with Episode 106, Uncivil War! This week, Jason's door dun broke and many other unexpected perils of married life.  There was a big new trailer for the next Marvel film, Civil War, join us as we talk about it.  We even have a giveaway this episode!

Send us an e-mail that answers the question we asked during this episode and you will be entered to win your pick from a couple different games from a recent Humble Bundle.  Your choices include:

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Shadownrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Magicka 2

Shadowrun Returns

Just e-mail your answer and we will randomly select a winners in a couple of weeks!  Good luck to all and thanks for listening!

Episode 105 - The Beard



It's Super Tuesday in Michigan, but it's also Fluxtaposed day!  Rant with us about social media and learn what a PITA it can be to try to save an ancient Macbook.  On top of the usual, this week is a Netflixation episode, so tune in to hear all of our thoughts about "Experimenter."  Connect with us on social media or e-mail theshow@fluxtaposed.com to make your voice heard.  We love to hear from listeners.

Thanks for listening!