Battle of the Beer

Episode 115 - Heavymetal's Rift



The day the elders have spoken of has arrived.  The dark has been lifted as the vibrant light of the mighty Oculus Rift has finally shone upon Lucas' face.  Rejoice for VR is here.

Wait a second, this is a day late!  Yes we know, Jason will explain why.  We give you a peace offering, our latest BotB episode, forgive us?  There's so much jammed into this episode, but let's cut to the chase here, our focus was Bloodsport!  What a Netflixation pick this movie was.  You'll definitely want to listen and hey, there's even an OC Remix along the way.

So praise Oculus! Our new master. Most importantly though, please enjoy this episode of Fluxtaposed.

Episode 87 - Support Local Libraries



No more solo, the duo is back and living large!

Let us tell you tales of podcast failure, of Netflix hacking, and why you really should visit your local library.  It is worth the hassle.

Jason babbles on about games, Lucas does his thing, and we even fit in some news and lil grab bag question.  We hope you enjoy the episode and we would love for you to check out our "Battle of the Beer" videos on our YouTube channel.

Lastly, ExtraLife is almost here, don't forget to check the Good4Gaming Team Page!


Episode 50 - Rated M for Mature



We've got another MONSTER episode this week.  We will be back down to mortal size next time.  We promise!

We are joined by Michael McDonald this week for a little discussion on mature content in games.  I know I know, THAT GUY AGAIN?  But trust me, it's ok.  We are also debuting a brand new way to enjoy "Battle of the Beer".  Our YouTube channel!  Seriously, go check it out, and thank you so much if you do!

There is no news this week but we still have Overclocked Remix and Netflixation to carry the torch.  Automata was the film selected, how will it stack up?  We are getting closer and closer to a whole years worth of episodes.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump into this episode of Fluxtaposed!

Episode 45 - Space Camp



Lucas is dealing with separation anxiety.  Jason needs more variety in his games.  We have the News According to Us, Netflixation featuring "Out of the Furnace", and an Overclocked Remix! It's the first show of the year, that means its time for Battle of the Beers.  Which selection will win?  Press play on Fluxtaposed #45!