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Episode 249 - Ride the Lightning

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Check my chicken, this is Fluxtaposed, episode 249 recorded on February 12th, 2019. On the docket today! Whatchuplayin’ featuring Virtual Realality and Apex Legends. A discussion on Lightning in a Bottle, andf finally, we will close out the show with what’s Around the Web and that sweet, sweet, awkward finish. Thanks for listening, thanks for watching, and enjoy the show!

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<3 - Jason & Lucas

Episode 176 Redux: Reunited and it Feels So Good



Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, episode 176 is finally here! Set back after set back could not keep us down, we persevere and continue on! We discuss our trials and tribulations with the original episode 176, Lucas gives an update as to where the hell he's been, Jason recounts many things he's already said two other times on episodes that don't exist, and generally speaking we are just happy to finally upload a real episode again. So without further ado!