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Log on to dubya dubya dubya dot dubya see dubya dot OOOH YEEEAH! to experience the latest Fluxtaposed content! In this episode, we talk about life, love, and learning. We also talk about some games and some movies. Then we talk about another movie! It was called No Escape! Then the show was over. The end!

Episode 121 - The Profeshunal Showe

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Wow, this episode kicked and screamed it's way onto your listening device! However, we don't let little things like release dates or professionalism get in the way of PROGRESS! Therefore, it is with great pleasure and relief that I am able to introduce to you, Episode 121! Surprisingly, it includes all your favorite content, and maybe even a few of your least favorite content! Just remember, we know what we are doing, don't try this at home. We're professionals!