Get Out

Episode 189 - Arcade Mode

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Welcome back to Fluxtaposed, episode 189 recorded LIVE on Dec 5th, 2017. On the docket today -  IRL, get caught up on Whatchuplayin’ featuring Hyper Light Drifting and Baby Bosses A top 3 discussion on our favorite arcade games of ALL TIME. Finally, we will close out the show with the community grab bag and that sweet, sweet, awkward finish. Thanks for listening, thanks for watching, and enjoy the show!

Episode 177 - Dickwolf, Dickwolf

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Well, two weeks in a row and we we're able to produce something! However, it's not without it's faults. You'll hear. Anyways, Jason talks a movie called Demonic and a game called StarCraft, Lucas talks board games with Hive and Jaipur, as well as video games Broforce and Killing Floor 2, and a movie, Get Out. Then the IT discussion begins!