Gravity Falls

Episode 163 - Hater-Bator



Amongst our usual ridiculous, we talk some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Metal Gear Solid V, Electric Boogaloo, and I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. We also answer the age old question, what is a hater-bator?

Episode 123 - Watch Stranger Things

Episode 123.jpg



It's back to business with this episode folks, it's Fluxtaposed Classic! Everything your body needs for a full day of entertainment. Okay maybe not a full day, cause that would be like, a sixteen hour podcast, but at least an hour of your day? Maybe? Look, they can't all be winners okay? Just listen to it already! Oh, and this goes without saying, but: Watch Stranger Things! We kind of liked it.

Episode 122 - Fun Police

Episode 122.jpg


We're back from our holiday break and this week we bring a special guest interview, Jonathon Gilmour!  He makes awesome board/tabletop games.  Don't want to bore you with details but hey we even manage to fit in an OC Remix and Netflixation.  Strap in folks, this one is a doozy!

Episode 90 - Down With the Sickness



Winter is almost here, that means Lucas needs to get sick.  Oh wait... it's too late!  He soldiers on and we bring you this episode of Fluxtaposed.

If you can survive our sports talk, you're in store for our thoughts on Battelfront, Jessica Jones, and a really awesome new movie trailer.  Nathan Thomas dominates our community sectoins and really what more could you want?  These descriptions probably do not inspire you to listen whatsoever, but pay no attention to that.  One last tidbit, we discuss the news coming out of Gravity Falls.

Press play.