Episode 264 - I Miss Lucas Rose


Pull Up a Chair! - This is Fluxtaposed, episode 264 recorded on May 29th, 2019. On the docket today! It’s time to once again return, to a Jason solo show. Dear lord not again…

We bring you a state of the show, and update on a few things to come, and what to expect moving forward.

Thanks for listening, thanks for watching, and enjoy the show!

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Episode 263 - Nintendo Shack: I don't like your face!


The shack is back! - This is Fluxtaposed, episode 2623 recorded on May 22nd, 2019. On the docket today! Lucas isn’t here, STILL! My dear friends from the PSVG:Nintendo Shack, Donnie & Caro, come to save me from myself. Get ready for a good chat about parenting and maybe learn that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself…

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