Shadowrun Novel

Episode 156 - Morphine Time



In Morphine Time, Lucas is hosting the show with special guest Nathan from That's Entertaining! Sit back and become comfortably numb as we talk about the "Meh of America", virtual reality, and games as art!

Episode 138 - Jason & Lucas: Dream Team



No longer must you dream of Fluxtaposed to experience the wonderful... err... experience that is our podcast. No friends, it's finally here, it's episode 138. Featuring levels with names like IRL, Whatchuplayin'?, and NATU, you will truly be floating on cloud 9. But in real life. Did I mention it's not a dream?

Episode 133 - Bite o' the James



Have a bite o' the James in this episode of Fluxtaposed! We talk IRL, Whatchuplayin', and our Netflixation pick. Snap into the podcast, OH YEAAAAH!