Episode 255 - Lucas, Out of the Closet

Episode 255.jpg

Stand tall and shake the heavens! This is Fluxtaposed, episode 255 recorded on March 26th, 2019. On the docket today! Whatchuplayin’ featuring BORED Games and Free Solo. Finally, we will close out the show with what’s Around the Web and that sweet, sweet, awkward finish.

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Episode 145 - Back in the New Year Groove



Holy crap, it's 2017! When did that happen? Yes, we were away for a few weeks. Whoops... I bet you didn't notice though, did you? As usual the holidays kept us all busy, so we had to put the show on hold. HOWEVER... we're back in the New Year groove, which means the return of IRL, Whatchuplayin', Netflixation, and Community Grab Bag!