The Killing

Episode 155 - Baby Watch 2017



In Baby Watch 2017, we talk quite a bit more IRL than usual, including #BABYWATCH2017. Lil baby Wuigi is due any time now! Exciting! Then we talk Whatchuplayin, featuring some chat about the Netflix series The Killing and Love. Last we get into our Netflixation, Begin Again. Community Grab Bag rounds out the show, and then we pack it up and go home!

Episode 151 - Rise From Your Grave



I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Fluxtaposed! Lucas has risen from his grave to do this podcast! Included between fits of coughing are IRL, Whatchuplayin, Netflixation and CGB!

Episode 150 - Dong Sliders



We've set the entertainment slider to MAXIMUM on this episode of Fluxtaposed, featuring IRL, Whatchuplayin'?, Fluxtaposed Plays, OC Remix, and CBG.