The Walking Dead

Episode 256 - Unintentional Oral

Episode 256.jpg

RIP Google+ This is Fluxtaposed, episode 256 recorded on April 3rd. 2019 On the docket today! Whatchuplayin’ featuring Mutant Year Zero and the Walking Dead. We’ve got rambling and really no focus whatsoever for you this episode! Finally, we will close out the show with what’s Around the Web and that sweet, sweet, awkward finish.

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Episode 138 - Jason & Lucas: Dream Team



No longer must you dream of Fluxtaposed to experience the wonderful... err... experience that is our podcast. No friends, it's finally here, it's episode 138. Featuring levels with names like IRL, Whatchuplayin'?, and NATU, you will truly be floating on cloud 9. But in real life. Did I mention it's not a dream?

Episode 135 - Metal Men



Why are we metal men? Because we like metal, we like mega man, and we love when those two come together and make sweet, sweet music. Speaking of making sweet music, it's episode 135 comin' at ya with IRL, Whatchuplayin', News of the Week, Netflixation, and all the other wonderful things that make this podcast what it is today.