Twin Peaks

Episode 168 - Can't All Be Winners



Look, sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad days. Not Lucas' best performance in this, episode 168 of Fluxtaposed! We talk a little about the difficulty of working on cars, Jason had a day that will forever be known as "Death Day", and we round up the show by talking about Masterminds.

Episode 164 - We Need Sponsors



Well, it's been TWO WEEKS since the last episode, so we have a lot to cover! We have plenty of IRL, including a chat about Hello Fresh and Blue Apron that was so long we probably should have sponsorship by now, Memorial Day weekend happenings, and baby shots. Whatchuplayin' is chock full of stuffs too many to list, and Netflixation round out the show with The Impossible! Now will someone PLEASE SPONSOR US ALREADY!?