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Episode 228 - Failing Upwards

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Pull up a chair, this is Fluxtaposed, episode 228 recorded on September 11th, 2018. On the docket today -  IRL: The Great Flood,a rando discussion, get caught up on Whatchuplayin’ featuring Axe Cop & Castle Rock. Finally, we will close out the show with the community grab bag and that sweet, sweet, awkward finish. Thanks for listening, thanks for watching, and enjoy the show!

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Episode 154 - #BUTTS



In #BUTTS, Lucas shares a story about Isaac. Then Jason and Lucas spend the rest of the show talking about their Whatchuplayin's. Mostly Lucas. He's sorry. We also learn never to look up the hashtag butts.

Episode 149 - Push It to the Limit



In this episode we push everything to the limit, including IRL, Whatchuplayin', the brand new Fluxtaposed Plays, and our Netflixation! Audio entertainment has never been pushed so hard!

Episode 128 - Riding the Storm Out



Not even Mother Nature herself can keep this podcast down, it's episode 128 riding the winds of success straight to your ear holes. Bunker down with all your favorite segments, and watch out for an especially notable NotW. 

Episode 127 - Death Threats



It's the Fluxtaposed Podcast! Where we have nothing critical or positive to say about anything! Don't worry about that thing you like, we like it too! But not too much. Take a listen to our inoffensive content and be whisked away to a world where no one disagrees about anything. Be swell, and please don't murder us! Thanks!