Episode 121 - The Profeshunal Showe

Episode 121.jpg


Wow, this episode kicked and screamed it's way onto your listening device! However, we don't let little things like release dates or professionalism get in the way of PROGRESS! Therefore, it is with great pleasure and relief that I am able to introduce to you, Episode 121! Surprisingly, it includes all your favorite content, and maybe even a few of your least favorite content! Just remember, we know what we are doing, don't try this at home. We're professionals!

Episode 119 - Teraflops

Episode 119.jpg


This episode is SO MASSIVE it HAD to be a day late! Yes friends, the time has come for this year's E3 break down! We have coverage of every MINUTE of E3! Just kidding... it's mostly just our impressions and the games for which we are excited! We found time to fit in IRL, Whatchuplayin', and CBG as well. It's like a double stuffed Fluxtarrito! Oh wait, that was last episode!

Episode 88 - Extra Life



It's episode 88, Extra Life!

This week, the guys discuss how the event went and give a recap on their efforts.  Pick the Lock, a game we got to play straight from the devs is on Kickstarter.  There was even some...home improvement!  Yeah, from these nerds!

Thoughts are shared on the Warcraft trailer, some gaming news, AND we've got some grab bag questions to answer.

Give it a whirl!